Furnace Motors Canada

15uf - Run Capacitor Single 370V Canada

SAME DAY DELIVERY Call for availability

Voltage: 370 Volts

Capacitor Type: Single

Design: Oval 

Rating: 15 MFD

Replaces Capacitor Part Number:
CPT00336 CPT0336 CPT336 CPT00478 CPT0478 CPT478 024-24081-000 53H0601 CPT00180 CPT0180 53H0601PR CR15X370 POC15-1 P0C15-1 B9456-53 B4300678 GTR00398-4 22-3739 22-3739 43-20847-41 43-20847-16 43-20847-17 B4300678 15-370 CPT-171 621169 DUB4300678 100193 1665210 1665-210 1200600 1200-600 B4300678 024-25900-000 024-20446-700 024-24081-000 D6879748 B9456-53 97F9121BX 43-25134-06 B945653 024-20446-700 43-21298-45 43-25136-08 P2911503 43-20847-17 432084717 HC91CA015 HC91CB015 P291-1503 B945653 B9456-53 HC91CL015 B4300678 96C4301 96C43 D6879804 P021-1503 9759121 9759121BX CARG21897 CAR6X658 CAR6X666

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