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Same day request must be placed by phone or text 416-904-4843  

Cut off time 11am local time

Availability depends on item and buyer location. Please call now for availability and pricing


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Most parts are in stock and ready to ship within 1 business day. Once we have allocated your part and prepare it for shipment, your order status will change to FULFILLED* 

We check for orders hourly up until 3pm EST daily.

We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays.


No. We only offer delivery. MOST cities qualify for free same day delivery if you place order by PHONE ONLY by 11am. 


Fulfilled means your items have been allocated and dedicated for your order to be shipped. This does NOT mean it has left already. Once you receive your tracking or shipment reference number, you can rest assure your order is on route.


Fulfilled status means the item has been reserved for you. It will leave on our next scheduled shipment usually within 12 hours from fulfilled status. 


Yes. You may call us to request a rush. There may be an additional charge. Rush requests can ONLY be done by phone.


All parts are final sale. You are required to determine whether your part needs professional installation by a qualified technician. Manufacturer warranties that come with the parts are subject to manufacturer approval. This may be void if your part was not installed professionally. Warranty is also processed through your installer.


Cancellations can ONLY be done by phone. You cannot cancel the order once your item has been marked fulfilled/shipped. ALL cancellations are subject to a 25% restocking/cancellation fee.


Instructions provided with the motor and precautions attached to the motor should be read carefully prior to installation, operation and/or maintenance of the equipment. Injury to personnel or motor failure may be caused by improper installation, maintenance or operation.
The following and information is supplied to you for your protection and to provide you with many years of trouble free and safe operation of your purchased product:
•Disconnect power and lock out driven equipment before working on a motor.
•Always keep hands and clothing away from moving parts.
•The lifting support on the motor is not to be used to lift the entire machine. Only the motor attached directly to the support may be safely lifted by the support.
•Install and ground per local and national codes.
•Discharge all capacitors before servicing a single phase motor.
•Misapplication of a motor in a hazardous environment can cause fire or an explosion and result in serious injury. Only the end user, local authority having jurisdiction, and/or insurance underwriter are qualified to identify the appropriate class(es), group(s), division and temperature code. Commercial Motors by our personnel can not evaluate or recommend what motors may be suitable for use in hazardous environments. If a motor is name-plated for hazardous locations, do not operate the motor without all of the grease and drain plugs installed.
• Never attempt to measure the temperature rise of a motor by touch. Temperature rise must be measured by thermometer, resistance, imbedded detector or thermo-couple.
•Motors with automatic reset thermal protectors will automatically restart when the protector temperature drops sufficiently. Do not use motors with automatic reset thermal protectors in applications where automatic restart will be hazardous to personnel or equipment.
•Motors with manual reset thermal protectors may start unexpectedly after the protector trips when the surrounding air is at +20°Fahrenheit or lower. If the manual reset protector trips, disconnect motor from its power supply. After the protector cools (five minutes or more), it can be reset and power may be applied to the motor.
•Connect all protective device leads, marked P1, P2, etc., per instructions supplied with the motor.
•Operation of a motor at other than its nameplate rating may result in fire, damage to equipment or serious injury to personnel.
•For safety, Buyer or User should provide protective guards over all shaft extensions and any moving apparatus mounted thereon. The User is responsible for checking all applicable safety codes in his area and providing suitable guards. Failure to do so may result in bodily injury and/or damage to equipment.
The manufacturer makes no warranty or representations, express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, as to the merchanicability or fitness for a particular purpose of the goods sold here under. Buyer acknowledges that it alone has determined that the goods purchased here under will suitably meet the requirements of their intended use. In no event will the manufacturer be liable for consequential, incidental or other damages. Even if the repair or replacement remedy shall be deemed to have failed of its essential purpose under Section 2-719 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the manufacturer shall have no liability to Buyer for consequential damages.

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