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50A55-843 White Rodgers control

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White-Rodgers 50A55-843 Universal Silicon Carbide Integrated Furnace Control, 24 VAC, 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz

The White-Rodgers 50A55-843 Universal Silicon Carbide Integrated Ignition module employs a microprocessor which continually monitors, analyzes and controls the proper operation of the gas burner, inducer and fan.

  • Replaces Most White-Rodgers and OEM Integrated Ignition Modules for Silicon Carbide Applications
  • Extensive Model Cross-Reference Provided
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Additional Jumpers to Extend the Length of the Connections


Electrical Rating at 77°F (25°C):

Input Voltage 25 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Max. Input Current (@ 25 VAC) 0.45 amp Relay Load Ratings:

Valve Relay 1.5 A @ 25 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.6f

Ignitor Relay 6.0 A @ 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz (resistive)

Inducer Relay 2.2 FLA-3.5 FLA @ 120 VAC

Circulator Relay 14.5 FLA-25.0 FLA @ 120 VAC

Replaces These  Ignition Modules:
031-00662-000, 031-00662-700, 031-01250-000, 031-01250-700, 031-01266-000, 031-01266-700, 031-01284-000,

084141, 1010806, 102077-02, 102077-03, 10207704, 102077-04, 10207706, 102077-09, 10207710, 10207714, 12L4201, 1380686, 1380698, 1380699, 14028, 14029, 14030, 14031, 117284, 194300330001, 30757,350486,

50A50-110, 50A50-111, 50A50-112, 50A50-113, 50A50-130, 50A50-131, 50A50-142, 50A50-143, 50A50-205, 50A50-206, 50A50-207, 50A50-208, 50A50-209, 50A50-210, 50A50-215, 50A50-216, 50A50-229, 50A50-230, 50A50-240, 50A50-241, 50A50-245, 50A50-285, 50A50-286, 50A50-288, 50A50-295, 50A50-296, 50A50-298, 50A50-405, 50A50-406, 50A50-408, 50A50-438, 50A50-471, 50A50-472, 50A50-473, 50A50-474, 50A50-475, 50A50-571, 50A55-143, 50A55-241, 50A55-245, 50A55-250, 50A55-285, 50A55-286, 50A55-288, 50A55-438, 50A55-474, 50A55-571, 50A55-843,

52537074000, 52537077000,


75671, 75672, 78712,

8068142, 8068561, 8068563, 83388, 99958174, 99958175,

D330927P01, D330930P01, D330934P01, D340035P01, D340774P01, D341122P01, D341235P02, D341235P03,


X13120666010, X13130436-01, X13130436-02, X13130436-04, X13130436010, X13130436040, X13640678040, X13650597010, X445901

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