June 13, 2017

Capacitors for Motors and AC compressors

The two types of capacitors in both heating and cooling systems:
Their main purpose is to temporarily store electrical charges.
Run capacitors  run the compressors as well as fan motors. They are also important in increasing torque when one of those systems starts up and help maintain a consistent voltage as the system operates.
Start capacitors are used only in heat pumps and air conditioners to provide the initial power at start up.
Capacitors start the entire motor system and keep those motors running while the unit is in use. Without a functioning capacitor the unit will not work/ will short cycle.
Capacitor failures are the most common reason that AC's break down. The heat generated by the capacitor combined with the hot summer weather can cause the capacitor to overheat. It is possible for capacitors to either completely stop working or just lose their operating range, but the results are the same – no air conditioning.
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